David Gálvez Pintado

He was born in Valencia in 1974. He  makes his studies of piano, choral conducting and composition in Valencia and choral conducting, orchestra and composition in the Liszt Ferenc Zeneiakadémia of Budapest with Éva Kollár, Judit Hajtyány, István Parkai, Gyula Fekete and Tomás Gál.

He is prize of the National Fórum of Hungarian Musicians by his interpretation of Contemporary Hungarian Music in 2001.

He has worked with different choirs and European instrumental groups like Monteverdi Kammerkoor Utrecht, Budapesti Monteverdi Kórus, Ensemble Korona, Saatar to the Saadi and collaborates with colleagues like Wilko Brouwers, Éva Kollár, Werner Pfaff, Simon Carrington, Jesus Salvador "Chapi",... His concerts have been relayed by National Radio of Spain, Budapest Radio, Hungarian National Radio, Bartók Radio, Dutch National Radio. He has made concerts in Spain, Denmark, Sweden, France, Italy, Hungary, Polonoia, Lituania, Holland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Guinea...

He is musical director of editions 2003, 2005 and 2007 of the Festival Millenium Pacem that is celebrated in Valencia. He has collaborated in the courses for direction of the Academy Franz Liszt of Budapest distributed by Éva Kollár and Josep Vila. He has been the person in charge of one of the musical Factories during III the Monteverdi Festival celebrated in August 2005 in Esztergom and Budapest (Hungary) and director invited in XXII the edition of the prestigious Béla Bartók International Choir Competition and Folklore Festival celebrated in Julio 2006 in Debrecen (Hungary) Also has been musical director of the project "Els misteris of the Corpus" made by the Universitat de València and the spectacle produced by Cultural Productions "Merlin, the Return of the Magic". He participates regularly with "Krisis Dansa Teatre" in its assembly "VUELA-T"

He is associated professor of Chair of Guitar and Iberian Music in the conservatories of Tánger and Tetuán (Morocco) subsidized by the AECI and the Ministry of Culture of Spain

Like composer, he mainly has ample experience in the scope of choral music. Its work "South Variations L´Homme I armed" was ordered specifically for the closing of III the Monteverdi Festival in Hungary. Their works "Clara i la bicicleta blava" and "La nit  pàl.lida" have been awarded recently with the First Prize of the Prizes "Catalunya" of Choral Composition 2006 and accésit respectively

He form duet with the guitarist Rafael Serrallet and conducts in addition to the Choir Univeritario Sant Yago and the Cor de Cambra Amalthea, the female choir "Villanella" and the chorale "Jovenalla Cantarella" of Rafelbunyol.

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